Volunteering at the range:

Volunteer Benefits:
It’s not the extra money in the club’s account nor the new tools and targets we acquired that has made us successful. It’s been the people that volunteer their time that make Buffalo successful. Our goals are always to make the club even better – and one of the ways we hope to do that is to increase volunteerism by creating new volunteer positions.


If you are a BOARD LEVEL volunteer, you get:
VOTING RIGHTS at a leadership level (making decisions on how you want to run the club)FREE MEMBERSHIP (your annual dues waived)FREE FOOD at the tournaments

The CHANCE to win a NEW BOW (your name will be placed in a drawing for a new bow at the last club shoot in August)FREE CLUB CAP and SHIRT with your title
If you are a PRIMARY LEVEL volunteer, your opinion is highly valued but you don’t get to vote. You do, however, get:
REDUCED MEMBERSHIP FEES ($80) with a possible refund of fees for exemplary service
The CHANCE to win a NEW BOW (for the most active volunteers, your name will be placed in a drawing for a new bow at the last club shoot in August)FREE CLUB CAP
Primary Level Volunteer Positions are designed to assist the Board Members and each other. You don’t have to be at every function although we would like you to at least attend more than half of the functions. Volunteers are encouraged during tournaments to help out where needed. Some positions, such as graphic designer and maintenance, can do their tasks at any time. For large projects, such as work parties, we will still ask the general membership to participate. 
We are still accepting volunteers for positions. Send an email to bfac_membership@outlook.com. You don’t have to be a great archer, or even a good one. What the club needs are people who enjoy archery and have a desire to step forward and make Buffalo even better. Become an active volunteer and we’ll provide you with a rewarding experience and all the training you’ll need.

Volunteer Sign Up:
Volunteers are needed to manage the Open House on Saturdays.  Responsibilities are:Open the front gate at 8AM and close it at 12PM.Answer questions about the club and its four ranges – FITA, Target, Field, and 3D (only set up for shoots)Explain the membership structure and be a good ambassador for our club!To assist volunteers, there is a Q&A Volunteer Guide included in the box with the sign-in book and also on the  page under “Membership Information”. Click on the following link to sign up for this activity:


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