Range information

Practice Range:

The practice range is set with stationary field targets ranging from 10 to 90 yards, and multiple portable FITA targets that can be set at any distance. Paper faces are always pinned on the field targets, with replacements available. The FITA targets, which are the best quality AR-152 Whitetail targets, usually have 122cm waterproof target faces, which are replaced as needed.

Field Range:

Walk through a 28 target field range course in a wooded/shaded setting. The club hosts field shoots and is a member of the Texas Field Archery Association as well as Texas State Archery Association.

3D Range:

The club has several 3-D targets and hosts 3D shoots from January through August. The course consists of 3D animal targets set in a wooded/hunting type setting.

World Archery Range:

New for 2015, the target field is designed for those who enjoy World Archery and USA Archery style target events. Full size bales are distanced from 10 to 70 meters. To access the target range, follow the road at the back of the practice field. The first area you will come to is parking for the target range, which is the next field over.