Buffalo Field Archery Club, Inc. and Cullen Park Range Rules and Regulations

  1. Crossbows, broadheads, firearms, pets, alcoholic beverages, fires, hunting and any device that locks a bow at full/partial draw are NOT allowed at the range.
  2. After shooting, to show you are ready to pull your arrows, please place your bow on the bow hanger or into its case or on the table or on the ground. Do not advance to the targets until all the active shooters in all lanes indicate that they are ready. Once you see all shooters are ready, say “Pull” loudly and clearly to signal to all shooters that they can safely advance to the targets. If you are still shooting, or see someone in the process of shooting, speak up and warn others to not advance down the field.
  3. While anyone is down range, please do not nock an arrow. When all shooters have returned from the field, say “Clear” loudly and clearly to signal all shooters that they can nock their arrows and commence shooting. If you see someone down range say “Hold” loudly and clearly to signal all shooters not to nock their arrows. Only nock an arrow at the shooting line.
  4. If looking for a lost arrow, please place your bow in front of the target. Do not delay other shooters more than 2 minutes per round looking for lost arrows. If you see a bow in front of the target, please make sure no one nocks an arrow. If you find an unclaimed arrow on the shooting range learn it up against the bow hanger or place it one of the tables.
  5. Feel free to enjoy music at the range, but be respectful of others. Please do not play music loud enough for others to hear unless they agree to listen to it. As a safety measure, no one should wear headphones anytime at the range.
  6. Children under the age of twelve require adult supervision.
  7. Each time you come to the range, members and guests must sign into the book by the target range, to serve as a release, waiver and indemnity agreement. This is also reported to the city to show usage statistics and the importance of the range to the community.
  8. If you see loose targets, please pin them back up. Please pick up any trash at the range and put it in the blue trashcans. Do not dispose of food in the blue trashcans, as it will attract animals and they will scatter the trash. Dispose of food in the large dumpster.
  9. Report any signs of vandalism, unsafe conditions or concerns to the Board of Directors. If you see a crime committed or in progress, call 911 immediately. Please do not put yourself at risk and confront the suspects. If there is an emergency, have someone unlock the front gate and wait to escort the emergency personnel in. Leave the gate unlocked and open until all the emergency vehicles have left. Notify the Board of Directors as soon as possible.
  10. Members are not to hand out gate codes to nonmembers. Doing so will lead to expulsion without refund. Guests are to be escorted.
  11. No backtracking on the field course. Backtracking is walking down the exit lane toward the target. Exit lanes are shortcuts from the target to the entrance of the next shooting lane. Backtracking will place you at the target end of the shooting lane in the line of fire.
  12. On the practice range only shoot at a 90 degree angle from the firing line at the nearest target. Do not shoot across lanes.
  13. Sky drawing, also known as sky pulling is not allowed on the range. Sky drawing is holding the bow high while drawing back the arrow and lowering the bow to the shooting position. Always keep your arrows pointed down or at the target.
  14. No camping allowed.
Please use your common sense when at BFAC. Here are a few reminders:
  • Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.
  • Please mind your language.
  • Please do not distract other archers with excessive chatter. We all like to chat and fellowship, but some archers are at the practice range for exactly that reason… to practice. 🙂
Operating Hours:

The club is open to members and accompanied guests from dawn to dusk most days of the year. The range is closed for maintenance or other events a few days per year- closures will be communicated on the club’s website and Facebook page. All club events are open to the public and are communicated in advance.


The covered pavilion area provides archers with a place to rest and eat. There are plenty of bow hangers around the pavilion, so you don’t have to worry about where to leave your bow!

Rest Room Facilities:

BFAC provides two porta potties at all times, one of which is handicapped accessible. These are cleaned regularly and well stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Additional porta potties and hand washing stations are provided for large events