Welcome to BFAC!

Welcome to BFAC!

To all new members and returning members. 

Buffalo Field Archery Club has been in operation in Houston,Tx since 1948.

The members of the club and their volunteering nature has helped the club grow to what the club and archery is today in the Houston and surrounding areas.

All members are part of the clubs maintenance.

If you see trash on the ground, pick it up.

If trashcans are full, empty it.

If target bales are loose and not squared, line the bale back up and tighten it down.

All members are needed for work days and 3D tournaments setup and take down. Or volunteering to help run the tournaments. 

When their’s a tournament in the club, that course is closed to free shoot.

To keep the club safe and operational for all members here the key rules of the club.

1) No Broadhead points are allowed on the clubs grounds at all.

3) All members and guests must sign in at the practice range.

2) No crossbows.

4) No speeding on the main road, speed limit is 15 MPH.

6) When in the Field range or 3D range you stay on the marked trails.

The rules are posted at the front gate, target range, practice range and the field range.

7) only shoot at targets in the practice range,  target range or field courses. 

Obey all safety rules when at the range, No exceptions. 

Remember: Never give out the gate code to anyone. All members have access, so there is no need to ask,.

Thank you

BFAC Board of Directors