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TSAA – State Field Championship

May 2, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Important Information:

LOCATION: 13155 Clay Road between Beltway 8 and Eldridge Parkway.

Start Times: Saturday 11:00 am Sunday 9:00 am


Juniors/Adults/Masters $40.
Cadet/Cub/Bowman/Yeoman $25.

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Please note: You must be a registered member or temporary member of US Archery to shoot this event.

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About this event:


Two Rounds – One on Saturday & One on Sunday. World Archery black and yellow field target faces. Both rounds will be MARKED distances shooting at 24 targets. Stand behind the stakes to shoot. Do not straddle.

Adults/Masters/Juniors distances are from 10-60 meters.
Barebow and Cadet distances are from 5-50 meters.
Cadet Barebow, Cub and Bowman distances are from 5-30 meters.

Yeoman 5-30 meters or whatever is comfortable. There is no state title for Yeoman.

Formal Rounds: 3 arrows per target for 24 targets for a total of 72 arrows each day.

INFORMATION: Rick Stonebraker  832-552-2096


Welcome to the 2021 Annual Texas State Field Championship


(1) The course is measured in meters.


(2) If you are required to shoot from a position, you must shoot that position. If the position is awkward, you may move sideways and if necessary behind the stake.  No more than 1 meter.


(3) You are allowed to assist each other by using an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper (or equivalent) for blocking the sun.


(4) Lost arrows: If you leave your equipment at the shooting line, this will tell the next group that people are behind the target looking for arrows. If you carry your equipment to the target, lean a bow in front of the target. This will let the next group know that there are people behind the target looking for arrows.


(5) Three arrows per end. On the 40cm multiple target faces, if you shoot an arrow on a target other than your own, it counts as one of your three arrows and will be designated as an “M” on the scorecard. On the 20cm multiple target faces, that same above applies but also, do not shoot more than one arrow per face or the higher value will count as an “M” and only the two lowest scoring arrows will count. Explanation forthcoming.


(6) Three or Four people per target. Rotate each target. If you shoot first on an even-numbered target, then you will shoot first on all even-numbered targets. If you shoot first on an odd-numbered target, then you shoot first on all odd-numbered targets. If you shoot with a group that shoots from different distances, shoot the longer stakes first. Use the odd/even when appropriate.


(7) Shoot from behind the stake as close as possible. Some stakes will allow a person to shoot on either side; 2 at a time. Other stakes are single shooting, one person at a time.


(8) If you have a soft spot in the target, or  if the arrow penetrates the target matt, then move the target face to so that others will not have a problem.


(9) No Running score, just END scores. Add your score at the end of each 12 targets. If you start on target five, you finish on target four.


(10) Camouflage clothing is not allowed. Blues jeans is acceptable and encouraged.


(11) Arrows that fail to reach the target face will be marked an M on the scorecard. Skip ins do not count, i.e. an arrow that rebounds off the ground or off a tree.


(12)  Yeoman   5-30 meters of less – must have adult with them during shooting


 cadet Rec/Com   cub Rec/Com  bowman rec/com     YEOMAN
Red Blue Yellow White
10 – 60 meters 5 – 50 meters 5 – 40 meters 5 – 30 meters
rev 3-23-2021


(13) Arrows are scored in descending order:  6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The yellow center outer ring is scored 5, the inner ring (formerly the X-ring) is scored 6.


(14) Count the 6’s and 5’s separately If there is a tie:  Rule: 27.3.1.

– Greatest number of 6’s for Field rounds

– Greatest number of 5’s for Field rounds

– After this, athletes still tying shall be declared equal;


(15) Mark your arrow holes in case of bounce-out or pass-through. If you have a bounce-out, look for an unmarked hole. If there are more than one unmarked hole, then you have to score the lowest unmarked hole……………..unless someone is scoping your arrow and verify the general area where it hit…then look for an unmarked hole in that area. On a pass through, first make sure there are no arrows close to lines, like a line cutter, then push the arrow straight back into the target until the nock appears.


(16) The target that you are assigned to begin shooting will count for score. The NFAA has a one-target practice rule but World Archery does not, so first target is for score.


(17)  Long pants/trousers are advisable to ward off stickers, brush, poison oak, etc.
Even after these repeated warnings, people still show up in nylon running shorts and sneakers. Please respect nature and the dangers of nature. You can turn an ankle in the woods very easily. We can treat first aid but we cannot treat dumbness! I don’t care how hot it gets, I ALWAYS wear long pants when I shoot the field round.

( 18) Compounds are limited to 60 pounds and sky pulling is illegal. This is very important in field shooting. Even though the targets are arranged so that targets and not in front or behind other targets, a miss-shot arrow due to sky pulling could send an arrow to another part of the range. Please draw your compound carefully.


(19) Avoid touching trees with vines.





1.  All “EVENT PERSONNEL” who are not current members of USA Archery, AND who are required to enter the Field of Play on a routine basis, are REQUIRED to

2. EVENT PERSONNEL are all Volunteers, Athlete Assistants, Para & otherwise incapacitated Athlete’s Proxy, Coaches, Judges, Parents of Athletes, Vendors, Media, Medical Personnel, etc.

  • If you are a Para & otherwise incapacitated Athlete who needs a routine Proxy to assist you with arrow retrieval or scoring assistance, you must bring your own Proxy with you, and he/she must be certified in advance by the above procedures. Contact our Event Staff IN ADVANCE if you need the event to assist you with finding a Proxy.

3. FIELD OF PLAY is designated as that area where competitors are active, and includes the entire field course including walkways!

4. EXCEPTIONS can be made by the Event Director for periodic, non-routine entering of the Field of Play in full sight of Event Director and/or his staff. This could be NON-ROUTINE assistance by a parent for scoring or athlete assistance. Please check with the Event Director or Event Staff before entering the Field of Play.

5.  All ATHLETES and EVENT PERSONNEL must adhere to the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies [MAAPP] for the duration of the event. Please check the MAAPP link and read in advance. All ATHLETES and EVENT PERSONNEL will be required to agree to this policy upon check-in


May 2, 2021
11:00 am - 3:00 pm


BFAC Target Directors
+1 832-567-5722
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Buffalo Archery Field
13155 Clay Rd
Houston, TX 77084 United States
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